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A sturdy hardback complete with fine cartoon illustrations by Jack and annotations by both that contradict and expostulate, it gives you an embarrassment of biographical riches. Schwartz responded. Our team has looked at it. New lending restrictionssuch as those in the Basel III framework have curbed theirability to originate and invest in debt, and offeredopportunities to alternative asset managers like KKR.

But if you do this via a broker, you often don't know the level of quality, or otherwise, or age, of the plane that turns up. Even 10 years ago there was far less respect for us. Now we are highly prized. Finance today is about technology and data, so technologists and people who understand maths and data are paid very, very well. Looking for a job patriot health alliance reviews On the last morning, the guides lay breakfast in the open air and you eat in the sunshine, above the clouds, like gods on Mount Olympus.

If you gallop everywhere, you miss the flowers, the jewelled hummingbirds and the encyclopedic information on Andean life from the guide. By all means ride, but there are no prizes for getting there first. Some earmarked areas of the map are restricted against unauthorised entry, and might easily attract the wrath of cops and military, if the player fails to tread cautiously.

Recorded Delivery le fior skin cream reviews Ideas with merit, to be sure. But making private LTC insurance into a mass-market product is a tall order, given its track record as a small niche product. Expanding that market is no less a challenge, really, than convincing a divided Washington to support Medicare expansion. We see people we know whose lives go on because of new treatments.

But we also watch people die for want of an effective treatment. The sequester is stalling medicines that could save their lives. Nineteen guests were in attendance to watch both Zac Posen-clad women exchange Neil Lane rings and handwritten vows. Inadequate domestic supply is not an issue. Could you tell me the dialing code for? The results have been good. On said the slump related primarily to the closure of its Kingsnorth coal-fired power station under EU regulations at the end of , and the conversion of its Ironbridge coal-fired power station to run on biomass, which is allowed under green rules.

We need weather to come right now so farmers can get back on track. Problems arise from the fact that Android gaming is still immature in many ways, and most of the games available right now are designed for touchscreens first and foremost. From a hardware perspective, SHIELD does almost everything right, but the Android platform itself may not be up to the challenge of providing a rich selection of games for a semi-exclusive piece of hardware. At least not yet. The financial crisis left Portugal with a ballooning budget deficit, and in it became the third EU country after Greece and Ireland to ask international lenders for emergency assistance.

The lefty walked Chris Nelson to make it , but Sabathia came back and fanned Josh Hamilton before retiring Erick Aybar on a groundout to leave the bases loaded. Sweeping up her normally long, golden tresses under what looked like a short, brunette wig, Aniston was spotted on set rocking a shoulder-grazing bob with bangs that did little to flatter her pretty face. John on May 9, Wearing a classic Carolina Herrera gown, Zellweger and Chesney exchanged silver wedding bands and traditional vows in a min.

Kim McDougall and his wife stumbled upon it in May during routine house cleaning, unlocking a past his father had never shared. Very Good Site lamictal cost australia Now KPMG is not doing anything that just about every other organisation on the planet does, and I am sure that its employees are well-versed in spotting the kind of phishing attack that Mr Cluley describes. But it might be better to check your own defences before sending out shocking reports about the state of other companies. She appeared in various stages of undress on the February cover of Maxim, the August cover of Jane and the November cover of Maxim.

Japan's society is rapidly ageing with overs already making up around a quarter of the million-strong population. This matter is entirely separate from the ongoing arbitration proceedings … and for the day to come when I can share my story with the public and my supporters. But we can at least decide whether there should be an emphasis on rehabilitation or not. He is already serving 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to helping mastermind one of the biggest hacking fraud schemes in U.

Israel has warned that newIranian uranium centrifuges could give Tehran the ability torapidly produce bomb fuel. Could you send me an application form? Mueller has been in rehab 18 times before. Her most recent stint, in December, was to treat an addiction to Adderall. News stories differed over whether she was using a cloned charger or an official Apple product. A member of its advisory board, Kaveh Afrasiabi, accompanied the then Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad in a delegation to the United Nations in How long have you lived here?

It is unclear how many Samsungphones and devices would be subject to the ban. In a loud, messy, badly run debate, they needed to hurt de Blasio bad. Came close at the end. Did not. How much does the job pay? If you get scammed, notify your bank, credit card companies and major credit bureaus. More still, he will get another golden handshake package. Madoff looked much junior. Everything with Lamar is very unclear.

The more automated a function becomes, the less humans are required to accomplish the task. The only employees will be those with the skills to run the machines or fix the machines. Did anyone out there ever read RUR? Capek was way ahead of his time. So was Orwell. I like it a lot biovigora review When first introduced, the lifetime allowance used to apply only to the top couple of thousand high earners in the UK who could afford to grow seven-figure pension pots. But the reduction in the limit, coupled with the increased costs of funding retirement promises for those who retire on final-salary-type pensions, has now pushed hundreds of thousands of people into the net.

Women in Marin County, Calif. However, women in Perry County, Ky. Men in Fairfax County, Va. AttorneyPaul J. Fishman for the District of New Jersey. It was at once frustrating and entirely tangent to the events of the series. He cities the way the Royal Navy has worked directly with other countries around the world to combat piracy off the coast of Somalia. Similarly, countries are already forging ahead with their own bilateral trade deals rather than relying on the established Doha rounds to establish such agreements. I was impressed, it really was like a native PC game.

My question is, what are these apps programmed in? I know Android is basically Java correct? Are these apps Java also? Gunplay is much the same, aim and shoot enemies, except that the guns are a bit crazier and the customization is more robust. Now players can change the look of guns at a Friendly Fire thus changing how the gun functions to a degree, in addition to upgrading the fire power, reload time, etc. The main special weapon Saints Row 4 has promoted is the dubstep gun, and it is in there that gun customization is easiest to see. By changing the skin of the gun, the song that fires out of the gun changes from the standard dubstep song to one of two other dubstep variations.

As well, the useful wrestling melee moves make a return. Driving is similar to previous games, but as it tends to happen in games with driving, it is tweaked a bit for slightly better control but still not great control. It is alright though because driving will not be a big thing in the game. Many past ambassadors have been well-known political figures, including former Vice President Walter Mondale.

In terms of dividend yield, it ranks fourth among U. Such a statistic makes you wonder if you should even bother with the workouts and the healthy eating. Before you turn your treadmill into a sanctuary for unfolded laundry and hang-dry only clothing, you should know a few facts about why people regain weight and exactly where that astonishing statistic originated. A host of other defenders will be playing through injuries. Editing by Robin Pomeroy buypillperfect. Canada has said it will boycott the meeting but the British prime minister has said he will attend, adding that it is more effective to deliver a strong message in person.

Cooper Tire shares slumped Her new hubby shared the secret with well-wishers at the reception that Allen is a few months along into her pregnancy. Hefner will rest before rehabbing. Collins said that the Mets were aware that Hefner had been pitching with the condition all year and they feel it flared up around the time his performance began to dip.

Hefner went with a 9. The consequences shaped his presidency. This is your employment contract permethrin lice treatment horses Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may finally be ready to walk down the aisle. Speculation that the Hollywood power couple recently became engaged sparked when a photo of Jolie surfaced, showing the actress wearing a sizeable sparkler on the ring finger on her left hand. A rep for jeweler Robert Procop, who has previously designed red carpet pieces for Jolie, confirmed the happy news to The Hollywood Reporter. This is the official address of the company, it does not have to be a trading address, and the company does not have to maintain a presence at the address.

We will provide you with an address to use as your registered office. FederalReserve to roll back stimulus will be very modest. The verdict touched off demonstrations in major U. But asingle-night deluge from a thunderstorm triggered a flashflood that killed more than people in Big Thompson Canyon. Dont leave it untill the NEXT generation to come around before anything is done.

Rival Nordstrom Inc lost 1. The next day the bus drivers decided to go on strike. Then the taxi drivers got in on the act and blockaded the city — one of them actually parked his vehicle on Tower Bridge, handed the keys to a police officer and jumped off. I was born in Australia but grew up in England purepeptidesuk. He also appeared at a fish fry for Rep.

Jim Clyburn, a member of House Democratic leadership, receiving rock-star treatment from an adoring crowd at kicking back beers as Biden riffed on voting rights and the plight of the middle class. A ways back the Office of Management and Budget had cleared a proposed rule setting qualified mortgage standards for FHA-insured single-family mortgages for issuance in the coming weeks.

A jiffy bag low dose naltrexone yahoo group Right now, there is more concern that unemployment rates remain too high this late into a recovery. Clearly, technology and global competition have played an important, if hard-to-define, role in limiting job growth. Government fiscal policy has also turned negative due to the sequester and other spending cuts. However, other sanctions, such as fines, will remain in place. Apple's American counterpart Amazon comes third with 4. Pete Hughes said. Physical functioning was tested using an activities-of-daily-living score and by tests of grip strength, chair stand, and gait speed.

Department of Agriculture. We want to try to nudge them in the direction of farmers markets and purchasing healthy, less-processed foods. This is part of that strategy. We are a little fragile with that right now. Witnessing all this suffering and rage, Greeley concluded that the best solution would be for new entrants to the workforce to move someplace—anyplace—else.

He serves as a volunteer physician examining prisoners in Israeli confinement. All of them are disintermediation plays: They cut out hotels, or craft shops, or fleets of taxis. But it's not related to cultural factors or to do with the Roma community, let's say, getting involved in trafficking. In that conversation, he said the rain was beginning to slack off and indicated he was preparing to go into the seating area for the game. This, to borrow sporting parlance, means the playing field is opening up. Changes to fee structures are also disrupting the market.

The old model of signing a customer up to an investment fund and collecting commission has gone under part of the retail distribution review RDR. IFAs will have to charge an hourly rate or declare fees up front. Again Mr Hargreaves believes some IFAs have chosen retirement on existing pension packages built on previous commissions. The neat, turquoise pool sparkles between day beds angled around champagne coolers, while cabanas hung with drapes look out to sea across the slim beach below. It definitely is going fast. I am definitely enjoying it, trying to learn something new every day and hold my own out there.

There have been nearly 15, cases of whooping cough so far this year, just under half the number by this time last year, according to the CDC. Now those are real familiy values. We welcome the advances that the Bill already makes in safeguarding older and disabled people, but with some additional changes that protection could be so much more effective.

Workers at the refinery are in dispute with management aboutterms and conditions, including pension provision, anothersource familiar with the talks said. Supreme Court from his confirmation hearing. Regulators lifted the grounding in April after Boeing redesignedthe battery system, which supplies backup power to the jet andis unrelated to the emergency beacon, known as an emergencylocator transmitter, or ELT, that is designed to send out asignal to help rescuers locate an aircraft wreckage.

Additional challengers are expected to emerge as the next competition takes shape in the coming years. I need to charge up my phone konsyl MCV is the leading trade news and community site for all professionals working within the UK and international video games market. It reaches everyone from store manager to CEO, covering the entire industry. MCV is published by Intent Media, which specialises in entertainment, leisure and technology markets. The captain tapped a Richards pass up to himself and smacked it out of the air past Caps goalie Braden Holtby 34 saves.

It is exceedingly rare that a situation requires the assistance of law enforcement, and our franchisee is using this instance as a teaching moment to better manage future disruptions in their restaurants. That was down from 2. The first step, he said, to achieving world peace and prosperity is the elimination of nuclear weapons. I think this is a genuine concern. Tim Congdon, the economist, points out that, without previous quantitative easing, money supply in the US would actually have fallen.

They are believed to be have been thrown into the sea. Officials in the port of Catania said dozens had been rescued. It has been reported that some of those who had drowned could not swim. The rail operator plans to use the proceeds to cut its debt andfund infrastructure investments. This is a question, however, that misses the point: limited airstrikes are more political than military in nature. I prefer using them mixed with structural planting to give a dynamic, but year-round appeal. They pep up the seasonal colour levels dramatically and mix brilliantly with everything: trees, shrubs, roses and grasses.

New, often higher-performance plants are coming on the scene all the time, which makes the choice of plants more fascinating and challenging. Finding interesting, indestructible perennials is high on my list of priorities as many of my clients hanker after them. Especially those who want a beautiful garden but do not have years of experience nor hours to lavish over them. For evidence, check out Atlantic City. Second, the puffery leaves out competing claims that casinos will encourage New Yorkers to gamble, squeeze money out of people who are least able to afford losses and add to compulsive wagering.

What qualifications have you got? Businesses and schools could be fined up to , roubles. He died after being flown to Lehigh Valley Medical Center. Overnight, 17 families, including 48 children, stayed at its shelter, and it responded to 15 calls from police officers.

About a year genericpricemed. Tell me how legalizing gay marriage would end freedom of religion? Also, before you even try to claim that churches would be forced to perform gay marriage, that is untrue. There are already laws in place that allow religious institutions to decide who they will and will not marry. Also, where is there any evidence that anyone is dictating what pastors can preach? No one with two ounces of common sense could enter into that discussion. Warning: this clip is particularly bloody. I was able to still put a pretty good at-bat together after the rain delay.

Orioles trainer Eddie Weldner drilled the holes on the side of the bat for brackets used to attach the bat to a wall. The hole at the top was used to connect a bat to another with a wooden dowel. She has a pithy turn of phrase, and among adults it can make for a good ding-dong. Their lawsuit said at least one family was contacted directly by Gov. Susana Martinez, a claim her office denies. I make music thinking of the world. I just write the music that the song is asking for. Whereabouts are you from?

Celebrate the arrival of the Brooklyn Nets to the Barclay Center by owning a pic of your favorite Net. Or own a piece of Nets history with a photo of a Nets legend. Find a photo today. Which university are you at? The GAO found, however, that some people were receiving benefits long after that nine-month trial period had ended. It is the changing of the U. The Countrywidecase is the first such case to reach trial. BART officials met with the mediator to discuss the proposal by the Amalgamated Transit Union and Service Employees International Union to modify rules governing implementation of new technology but to retain control over safety-related issues.

Armed civilians and security forces fought armed Morsi supporters and protesters. People openly fired automatic rifles and pistols at one another on main overpasses and roads. Most residents cowered in their homes, many staying clear of windows and balconies. They swarm in their hundreds across mountains of rubble dumped by the mining companies.

It is perilous work, especially when banks and slag heaps are destabilized by monsoon rain. Landslides routinely swallow 10 or 20 men at a time, said Too Aung, 30, a handpicker from the Kachin town of Bhamo. Take it into night time territory by teaming with a leather pencil skirt or black skinny jeans and adding killer heels and a structured clutch.

But Rhodes forbade the parties from pursuing the matter further. He also denied a request to intervene by same-sex couples who had already received licenses. They wanted to argue that this case would affect the validity of their marriages. What do you do? How is this done? Well, it has an eight-speed automatic gearbox, an advanced V6 turbo diesel engine; stop-start in traffic to enhance economy; the lot.

Plus it will do the whole four-wheel drive thing just as well as any old-school Land Rover for most practical purposes. One rogue poll doesnt alter the fact that the yes vote is miles behind. You are kidding yourself on if you think otherwise. The yes campaign has been appalling so far with the SNP basically just making it up as they go along and saying anything to get peoples votes,so i would be utterly astonished if it was neck and neck and I am an SNP voter tri peptide collagen lip plump The groom is considered one of the richest men in the world. A developer in the central city of Hengyang recently got into hot water over an illegally built complex of 25 villas on top of a shopping center.

The move would ultimately lead to the closure of the specialist baby care unit at Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest. Despite voting against his gun control legislation, all of the marked men and women still raised tons of money. We may remove any comment for any reason or no reason. We encourage you to report abuse, but the decision to delete is ours.

Commenters have no expectation of privacy and may be held accountable for their comments. When her hands began to tremble, Ronstadt said she thought the shaking was the result of a shoulder operation. All three run Android Jelly Bean. Retailers include Best Buy, Amazon. What part of do you come from? The storm, packing wind gusts of up to kph mph , was moving at 15 kph. Recessions in Brazil and Argentina — its main export markets and sources of tourists — propelled the country into economic crisis in Pettitte allowed just a solo home run to Colby Rasmus and threw pitches before Girardi pulled him with two outs in the seventh.

It was the proper decision since the year-old Pettitte admitted he was running on fumes. Some of the comments may be reprinted elsewhere on the site or in the newspaper. We encourage lively, open debate on the issues of the day, and ask that you refrain from profanity, hate speech, personal comments and remarks that are off point. Thank you for taking the time to offer your thoughts. Paul to the Romans, as underpinnings for this position. But as Christian values have changed on slavery, why not on those few passages from 2, years ago powdered in a primitive view of human love?

Pascal Dupuis notched his th career assist for the Penguins, who finished with the best record in the East last season before getting swept by Boston in the conference final. They typically contain one of two compounds — aloe latex or aloe gel. Aloe latex is extracted from underneath the skin of the aloe leaf. Its active ingredient — aloin — is a stimulant that may increase contractions in the colon. It also decreases reabsorption of water in the colon, leading to softer, more easily passed stools.

Not available at the moment precio de levitra de bayer He killed himself two years later. She declined to say which retailers requested the frozen Twinkies. He was also a serial philanderer, and her mother, Elli, left him, taking their two daughters with her, when Huffington was But despite this recruiting success, the program has struggled to produce significant wins in the last six years. Until August lamotrigine 25 mg side effects This is the same group that attempted to hold a rally on Sept. The rally, however, only drew 15 people. Police say investigators are siftingthrough the charred wreckage.

Free medical insurance laboratoriobiomed. National Security Agency NSA for the email and telephone records of German citizens kidnapped in Yemen or Afghanistan to help ascertain their whereabouts and contacts. The shower was on. Each arm would include a pressurized crew module of oval cross-section nested between two cylindrical access tunnels.

The one thing that unites alternative funds is that they are not correlated to the stock market. Thewritedown was slightly worse than it warned in June, due to thefalling Australian dollar. They have scored at least eight runs in five of their last seven games after doing so just nine times through their first It is centered on a high school gleeclub.

Popular for its song and dance routines and big-name gueststars, the show has won Golden Globe, Emmy and Peabody awards. The amount of power used by households and firms is a good gauge of consumption and one that is hard to hide. One problem is that China subsidizes some prices so it's somewhat mis-measured, but it's a decent economic indicator. He was due to check out of the hotel that day. Relations were damaged and funding was cut back when Hamas backed Sunni Muslim rebels fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, a strategic ally of Tehran.

I stay at home and look after the children azhealthcare. It also gave an improved forecast for same-store sales for fiscal , saying they would range between a drop of 3. The previous range was between a drop of 5 percent to growth of 1. The black and white versions will be available first with a yellow variant expected to follow later. Iran says it is enriching uranium solely for peaceful purposes.

But some European companies, notably in pharmaceuticals, capital goods and the construction sector, face pain rather than gain from the Washington standoff. But there were other times in my career where I did overcome cheaters with my teammates. We had our chance. Ortiz launched the first pitch he saw into the right field bullpen to tie the game, further cementing his place in Red Sox postseason lore.

He has driven in some runs, begun to hit for some power, beaten the goal of running from home to first in under 4. That one will mainly invest inequities, with a smaller allocation for bonds, cash and realestate. The Alpine Energie deal requires regulatory approval, it said. And every time he gave a presentation on the Vietnam Motivation and Morale Project, he said the same things:. He ranked second on the team in goals tie , power-play goals five , assists 26 , points, plus-minus plus 15 and third in shots Will I get travelling expenses?

In partnership with Barts Health, we will be making five new joint appointments, which will make a major contribution to addressing this problem in the future. Medics treated men with deepgashes to their eyes and faces nearby. Asked by Assistant U. Attorney Kevin Feldis why the knife was important, Keyes indicated authorities might find something if they took it apart. The catcher is 3 for 6 with two homers in his last two games and 4 for 7 with two doubles this year versus Sabathia.

But if Randle really does break out this season, Murphy could be the deep threat in the offense that Manningham and Hixon both once were. The rates so far under Help to Buy are too high to make this feasible. If you or your family can find 20pc deposit, for instance, then you should avoid Help to Buy and simply find the lowest rate available. Flu vaccine is starting to arrive. They are among the eight teams in the league that have yet to win a game: The last time the Giants and Steelers, who have won eight Super Bowls between them, have started in the same season was Carney said he would appeal on those grounds, but he did not discuss a reason Bulger would have been given an immunity deal.

Neither happened. Manning finished 28 for 42 for yards, but lost two fumbles and threw a pick-6 — a yard interception return by Paul Posluszny that pulled the Jaguars within at halftime. It was a two-point game late in the third quarter, before Moreno scored his last touchdown, an 8-yard run, for a lead. It also owns another broadcast channel called UniMas, as well as several cable networks and a stable of Spanish radio stations.

Regional powers will have to manage these problems on their own. The bad will remain bad. Hill was hurt on the second play of the game when Titans safety Michael Griffin drilled him. It will take time but I hope it will happen. We need someone with qualifications performer 5 discount Analysts disagree about how long oil markets can withstand the loss of Iranian oil supplies.

Markets will inevitably tighten, perhaps as soon as mid Yet, time is running out on peaceful options to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Policymakers, who rightly seek to avoid being forced to choose between living with a nuclear Iran or going to war, should be prepared to seize this opportunity before it is too late. And your own data shows you were wrong. Indeed, its larger 15 years fom now. So your claim was plain wrong.

buffalo motorama custom car and bike show

Jesy's vest dress from East London based label Religion is quirky and punchy but there are various other classic T-shirt dresses with offbeat designs. If someone is given a two-year sentence for, say, a minor crime, is it fair to punish that person for the rest of his or her life for that infraction? Does such a policy not become a de facto life sentence? And if someone is denied the ability to make an honest living, should we be all that surprised when that person chooses a dishonest way of paying the bills?

The company is launching its Dyckman Brew Wednesday, with other varieties to follow. Equally, people today need to seek income from a broad range of sources and so equity income investing is not the only answer, although it can be an important part of the answer. Researchers fromUniversity College London concluded that in fetuses andindividuals aged 16 and younger, a minimally invasive autopsyincorporating an MRI scan identified the same cause of death as90 percent of traditional autopsies.

ITV has delivered steady profit growth in an advertising market that has essentially been flat, so as consumer spending returns the shares are interesting. For now, Smith, who had knee surgery on his patella tendon after inking a three-year deal, said he was riding the bike, swimming, lifting weights and hitting the boxing mitts to remain active. Can you hear me OK?

The benefits from investing in decent cooked meals are huge: better learning and better habits later in life; a calm and sociable lunch hall also sets a tone for the rest of the day. Among those who retired, 4 percent are looking for a job and 11 percent are already working again. Those still on the job showed far greater interest in continuing to work: Some 47 percent of employed survey respondents said they are very or extremely likely to do some work for pay in retirement, and 35 percent said they are somewhat likely. The capital shortfall of those banks that did not meet the leverage target was billion euros, the watchdog said.

Would you like a receipt? Company Man Olbermann kept his mouth shut. Once on the Shard they climbed up two ladder-like ridges on the side of the building, with rungs about a 3ft apart. He too was prepared to intervene in the sector, he added, but ina way that was practical.

PTSD is more than ordinary stress. Those experiencing it may suffer from violent, intrusive thoughts. They have trouble sleeping. Once innocuous things, like a particular smell or sensation, can set off a flashback. In the community of Newton, Conn. Whileyear-on-year home price growth accelerated in September fromAugust, month-on-month increments saw a decline.

He shot hisfirst victim at a. The sides viewthe meetings as a sign of momentum, and remain hopeful that sucha framework can be achieved, the people said. That led to the discovery of the body of year-old Christina Anderson under a tarp. He did not elaborate on the conditions set. Half of the patients were referred to slimming clubs and the other half to NHS initiatives. They found after 12 weeks the greatest weight loss was 4. During descent, 3 of the 4 switches clicked to the armed position, but a fourth did not — and that prevented disaster.

I was born in Australia but grew up in England cialis cheapest online The layoffs may include management, engineers andinformation technology workers, said Ray Goforth, executivedirector of the Society of Professional Engineering Employees inAerospace SPEEA , which represents employees at Spirit. Those measures were ultimately included. A transmission low range and locking rear differential are available for exceptionally tough going. Finisterre is charging an annual 1.

State police say the accuser in Virginia sent the email and letter. Some Greeks are skeptical, saying that only the death of a native-born Greek caused the government to pay attention. Democrats voted solidly against the cuts. The Nasdaq Composite Index fell There are only four known examples of a healthcare worker infecting a patient, none of them in the UK, and in every case, the doctor or dentist was not on drug treatment. Securities and Exchange Commission shows theprocess is well underway.

Senator Charles E. Nice to meet you mednetus. Wommack said she doesn't believe teachers should make life-or-death choices involving students. For most of the vast history of marriage, it was for convenience and combining property, wealth and power. Have you got any? After narrowly passing the Democratic-led House in March, the bill died in the Republican-led Senate.

For example, in preventing the distribution of marijuana to minors, enforcement could take place when marijuana trafficking takes place near an area associated with minors, or when marijuana is marketed in a manner appealing to minors or diverted to minors. The government said late last month his condition remained critical but was showing improvement. Originally launched in April, it was only available to buyers of newly built homes, who were eligible for a 20 per cent equity loan from the Government on top of their 5 per cent deposit.

Roughly half of those take the money out, having it paid straight into their bank account, and half keep it there to buy more wine. Spiller averaged 6. Can I call you back? Hearing the commotion, a passer-by intervened only to have the Hollywood bad boy start turn the camera on him. Data on Wednesday showed direct foreigninvestment increased 4. Check here daily for updates from now until the birth. He led the Rebels in tackles 82 and tackles for loss 13 last season as a redshirt freshman. In a loss to Alabama a year ago, Nkemdiche had three tackles for loss and two forced fumbles. It was at the very beginning of my young adult life, and I think just being connected to nature in that way really reminded me of what life is about.

You become actively dependent on that life of quiet desperation, much as a prisoner becomes institutionalised after decades in jug. Prices are soaring at an annualized 45 percent, ablack market for dollars is booming, and basic goods from flourto toilet-paper are often scarce. The show never bounced back following her departure in Other bonds insured by National and related to parking garages will be cut by 12 percent, while a third bond for a city building will be paid in full.

Could I order a new chequebook, please? After seeing changing scenery like we have over the last 10 days, and sometimes going hours without seeing another vehicle, I think we will both struggle returning to the morning commute. And the default appears contractual not criminal. This newsflash is harsh to face. More effective shooting could also reduce the use of snares, which have been condemned as cruel.

He went on to serve as team captain of the Oilers and later as head coach. Firing off a burst of a hundred images is nice but potentially extremely difficult to weed through to find the best images. When he died in , she wanted to return to the U. But most people who watch violent movies or play violent video games will never turn to violence.

However, people at risk for violence might be further induced down this path by both forms of media. Germany has already said itplans to scale back support, and all bets are off in Spain asthe recession-hit country conducts an extensive overhaul of itsentire energy sector. Roger Wicker and Sadie Holland, a Mississippi judge. The thing that Mr. Chambers brought to that struggle was a very focused, determined attitude that things were going to change. For a stabilisation of the outlook, this ration wouldhave to sustain below four times.

Golden State added swingman Andre Iguodala, who will help raise their defensive profile while weakening a rival, the Nuggets, whom they defeated handily in the first round of the playoffs. Bernstein analysts said in a note. International directory enquiries albenza albendazole mg NBC and its cable partners are telecasting the Olympics in the United States. In past Olympics, some 3, people worked during the games for NBC, although some of them were not in the host country. In all, nearly people sustained injuries in the initial accident, when four train cars slid toward the station, some falling over.

The search for survivors trapped in the wreckage went on through the night. Oh, come on, stop please. Spread the macaroni and cheese evenly on top of the casserole. Dot with butter if desired. She readily accepted coaching to improve her performance and saw parallels between her undergraduate education and the Cleveland Clinic, including small group learning, expectations that came from feedback to the individual student and student acceptance of faculty feedback. In a role reversal, there are now more women than men in the U. And the declines in miles driven over the past decade were more widespread among men than women, according to Pickrell and Pace.

Driving by men has declined in every age group except those 65 or older, where it increased slightly. Among women, driving declined only among young adults and teenagers. How many are there in a book? I therefore contacted a literary agent, Al Zuckerman. I gave him a draft of the first chapter and explained that I wanted it to be the sort of book that would sell in airport bookstores. He told me there was no chance of that. But scores of people may have left Olive Garden establishments this summer with a surprise. The camera behind home plate is covered in bees. Angels Orioles MLB pic. The two primary elements of your retirement that need attention are your money and your home.

But he also alienated political peers. He tries to dodge the question by comparing the scandal to the controversy over the raid mission. Appliances including dishwashers, coffee makers and clothes dryers all now connect to the Internet. This helps the manufacturers troubleshoot performance and improve energy efficiency, and it gives owners the chance to order a fresh cup of coffee or a dry bin of clothes from their phone, computer or tablet.

You used to post a proper end-of-day market report for the Japanese market. Huge tracts of land have been granted to foreign companies while the poor fight eviction with little hope of justice from the police or courts. An earlierconvention also would allow the Republican nominee to focus onthe Democratic opponent. Baltimore and Denver both look very strong on paper heading into the season and the Patriots play their typically tough slate outside of the division. Trips to Atlanta, Houston and Baltimore will likely loom large for the Patriots as they fight for playoff position and all three of those games will test them on both sides of the ball.

The eye-catching result of this partnership will be on the road throughout the whole summer in the US. Limits on migration from new EU members in the s lasted longer than elsewhere in the bloc. Enjoy it by itself, or use it as a chocolate fruit dip. This flexibility enables us to get more done during the working day than ever before, so businesses can focus on maintaining growth.

And as pastors they can also be sensitive to what the church would call the shifting winds of the Holy Spirit. We lean towards the Jets using that as motivation, and playing hard enough to keep it close. Yes, I love it! First, the Giants followed up a listless early November loss in Cincinnati with a complete domination of the Packers at MetLife. Then, after being crushed in two straight games in December, the Giants found a way to end their season with a drubbing of the rival Philadelphia Eagles.

Dillon Gee threw 7. Hawkins got out of a crazy, two-error ninth inning and Black picked up his first major-league win. I quite like cooking sunscript pharmacy pembroke pines The student researchers who are in the midst of completing their degrees will be delayed an additional year, and professors who are seeking tenure, which often requires completing academic research, will be facing major setbacks. The robust data pushedU. Our very idea of the university, along with the incentives and structures that govern it, must change.

This is obligatory if we are to prepare students to engage their ecosystems successfully. It is requisite if they are to learn to build their own solutions and enterprises and make these commercially viable. The oppositionwould control government spending and stop the controversialflow of boats from Indonesia carrying asylum seekers, he said. These new steps include establishing special legal counsel for victims to navigate the military justice system and elevating oversight of each case up to the first general within the chain of command. Lohman pleaded guilty to participating in a cover-up of the shootings.

National Institutes of Health. Tritan is a polymer made of three molecular building blocks; none are BPA. If they are not concluded by April, European Parliament elections scheduled for the following month could push back the law until But with the economy slumping, perhaps toward recession, any tax hikes are bound to rankle. At the same time, it is patently absurd to assume that just because a boy is thin, that means he is capable of a three-mile hike up a mountain.

Lithuania was the top vote-getter with votes followed by Nigeria and Chile with votes, Chad with votes and Saudi Arabia with votes. Manning is accused of leaking assessments. Barring that, opposition leaders have an alternative proposal: Washington and its allies supply rebel fighters with the weapons they need to defend a no-fly zone on their own.

Treatment centers like Castlewood are seeing a growing number of girls and young women who are trying to achieve something known as thigh gap in which the thighs become so thin that they do not touch. Sara has dealt with eating disorders since high school and said that the thigh gap phenomenon added to her problems while in college. Everything is great. We feel very blessed as a family.

You look at the appliances in thekitchen. The excitement was short-lived however: As word spread of George Zimmerman's acquittal reached them a sense of sadness — sometimes mixed with anger — filled the hot and humid summer night. Contact its career planning staff for information about internships with American companies. Ask the study abroad office about opportunities for internships overseas. Treasury yields remain at historically low levels. Really Parker informs everything I do, it was listening to him that taught me how basic things like intervals and rhythms can become expressive.

Their so-called 13F filings with the U. Securities and Exchange Commission offer a window into the strategies of managers when it comes to buying and selling U. This is the new flagship Android devise, which eclipses the Xperia Z released in March this year. Like many other smartphone upgrades the concentration is on camera quality. The Xperia Z1 is water and dustproof. Accountants in the area send him about five referrals a month, more than he can even use.

Parking a Veyron in the alleyway by the kitchen door is probably always likely to encourage good service at a restaurant, but I suspect that Thierry Schwartz is one of those chefs who delivers no matter who is in his dining room, or what they drive. There is such an obvious sincerity about the place and in the produce he uses. His food ticks all the current, Nordic-derived, local-seasonal restaurant trends, belying the traditional Alsatian vibe of the dining room. A startling starter consisting of little more than a single, gigantic carrot boldly bisecting my plate won a special place in my heart, for instance.

It had been gently poached in its own juice for four hours and was as soft as warm butter, as carroty as a carrot can be. Many appear to be run for the benefit of the proprietor and their mates, not the paying punter. The increasingly widespread no-bookings policy is teeth-gnashingly annoying, especially for those whose evenings out are precious. Who wants to spend a rare night on the razzle waiting in line, while their stomach rumbles and patience wears thin? Cuomo said, urging baseball fans to leave their cars at home and take the train.

Schurrle floated a free kick on to the head of Terry but his close range header was expertly clawed off the line by de Sanctis. I never went to university dr fischer gastroenterologist ridgewood nj Paying zero taxes… Getting paid tax dollar subsidies on top…. Shipping jobs overseas while enjoying free money from the government…. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, you will continue to believe their B. Republication or redistribution of Thomson Reuters content, including by framing or similar means, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Thomson Reuters.

Thomson Reuters is not liable for any errors or delays in Thomson Reuters content, or for any actions taken in reliance on such content.

I work with computers ushealthconnect. There is also a debate about how to improve integration of the many post-war immigrants whose labour helped fuel the economic boom. He and his brother set up a Glasgow cash and carry business which made him a multi-millionaire. The Nasdaq Composite Index was down I know what I have to do tomorrow.

When running Ubuntu mobile, users of the new Ubuntu Edge will be able to launch apps and access settings by swiping the edge of the display. Cabling the phone to a monitor and pairing it with a wireless keyboard and mouse allows power users to launch a full version of the Ubuntu desktop computing platform, with seamless transition between environments. Economists ina Reuters survey expect inventories to have risen 0. Japanese government never stopped the idea of genocide Asian people. Combining the already gigantic non-transparent USA military budget and now the Japanese military budget, there will be no peace in East Asia.

Corpse are piling up like trophies for the Japanese soldiers. Your name shall never be forgotten in history. Three in 10 smartphone users said they would like to upgrade to 4G, but are waiting until their current contract expires to avoid termination charges, said Ofcom. He wanted it to be just natural and real. Which team do you support? The Institute for Fiscal Studies says the policy would do nothing for 69 per cent of married couples, and 82 per cent of families with children. Insert your card cialis kaufen erfahrungsbericht While it remains some way below the peak in the series of After a 32nd straight negative or flat balance in March this year, house price growth has surged sharply in just four months.

On top of that, travel insurance purchases are hit by insurance premium tax. It looks like these sports stars know how to score both on and off the field. Not only do athletes have fame, fortune, legions of adoring fans and countless endorsement deals, they also have… ipharmacydirect. Alternatively shop our edit of red strapless gowns to suit every budget in the gallery below.

The key point there is that the players we buy have to be the right ones for Manchester United; not just any player. A little confused by her new technique BUT I know it will be fab! Anderson and Swann were exceptional, then 3rd umpire made a mistake and Agar played sensationally and deserved but England were extremely complacent and Cook was confusing. Then Root lost his nerve to rightfully question, 3rd umpire made the worst decision in the history of the game and then Cook and KP dug in.

England unlucky but not ruthless enough!!! When I moved there I was hired to teach dance to Russians in a Russian school, and I also performed in the evenings with my dance partner, so it was really up to me how much I would like to work. Once again there was a theatrical element, since the poem calls for a certain amount of reaching and hopping and pointing at the sky. The cuts went into effect in March for the firsttime. Not for the first time in his career, he brushed off requests for interviews and headed off to spend time with his thoughts. The costsuggests that many investors consider it likely the debt will gointo default.

Visitors arriving at the main entrance are greeted by a gallery of the former pupils who have gone on to play for the British Lions: Dean Richards, Graham Rowntree and now Manusamoa Tuilagi. Three Lions is an astonishing return for a small state secondary in a small Leicestershire town. But his decision not to follow through on a vowed strike against Syria for using chemical weapons has many in Israel believing he may go easy on Iran, too.

They are enemies of humanity! These sociopaths have no respect for human life except on their own twisted terms. They should be branded for the cowards, murderers and religious psychos they are and set adrift in space. Bailey went to police with the information, and he said DeSalvo, who was already in prison for other crimes, demonstrated that he knew details that only the killer would know.

But the jury that convicted her was unable to reach a unanimous decision on whether she should be sentenced to life in prison or death. For his part, Drazen said he doesn't see the controversies that have arisen in recent months as any different from those of other periods of his tenure. He is one of the longest-serving editors of a major medical journal at this point. In the interest of full disclosure, the author of this article served on the board of directors of the Association of Health Care Journalists with Oransky. ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom.

Sign up for their newsletter. Dee Gordon; and The Everton Minute. Of the 36 Drafts since I am hard-pressed to remember a wilder or more unpredictable first round than what transpired Thursday night in Chicago. This statement from Tunsil's agent is incredible. NFLDraft pic. I wish Laremy Tunsil said: "I smoked pot and got money in exchange for playing football. I hope to continue doing both for the next decade. But no one really cheered either. Pace says Floyd didn't put up big numbers at Georgia because the coaches there moved him around a lot.

Internal Labour Markets, Incentives and Employment | SpringerLink

Dee Gordon. For archives and other shows, see The Beachwood Radio Network. When the blood-testing company Theranos opened to the public in , founder Elizabeth Holmes made bold claims of having revolutionized the diagnostic-lab business. With just a few drops of blood pricked from a finger as opposed to several vials drawn from a syringe in the arm , the company said it could not only run the full range of laboratory tests, but also turn around results within hours, all at a low cost. Theranos received fawning early media coverage, but last October Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou took a more critical look.

With descriptions of unreliable equipment, skeptical employees and deficient practices, he reported that the company's PR blitz outpaced its actual medical technology. On this podcast, Carreyrou talks with ProPublica senior reporter Charles Ornstein about why he decided to look into Theranos in the first place, the problems with the company's claims, and the recent actions from federal inspectors and Walgreens that lend credence to his investigation.

Carreyrou: What people saw in it - other than Elizabeth Holmes's pitch that she had made this scientific breakthrough - is not clear. I've heard, and pretty much ascertained during my reporting, that the company did not offer any information about the science, and about how the technology worked, about how its laboratory instrument worked, or about its financials. So investors who were ponying up this money were, for the most part, going in blind.

Carreyrou: I had ex-employees telling me that they questioned the accuracy of the Edison machine [Theranos' proprietary lab instrument], and that Theranos was also doing things like diluting small blood samples in order to create a bigger volume to run them on commercial analyzers.

That also created problems with accuracy. I talked to patients and doctors in Arizona, and came up with anecdotal evidence of a test that didn't seem to square with comparative tests done at other laboratories. All of that made me realize that it wasn't just about a company that had overhyped its science and its breakthroughs, but it might also be a matter of public health.

Holmes and Theranos also played a role in the passage of an Arizona law that allows people to get blood tests without a doctor's order. Carreyrou: That was controversial, because there are many in the medical profession, including the general practitioners who would usually be the middlemen and give you that prescription, who say, "Well, how is that progress? So why not keep the doctor involved from the beginning so that, first of all, there is a logic for getting the blood test, and then there's an expert opinion there when the test results arrive to help you interpret them. In this political climate, academic and public libraries may be in danger.

The existence of vast amounts of information - a lot of it free - on the Internet might suggest that the library has outlived its usefulness. In spite of the findings of a survey in which Americans say they are using public libraries less , the usage numbers reported by libraries indicate the opposite. In the last two decades, the total number of U. Over the same period, the data also show that use of public libraries in the U. S went up as well. Here's what data on circulation books and other items checked out to library users and annual visits to public libraries reveal.

Over the same time span, the number of visits to U. For academic libraries, the data are more mixed. Circulation of physical items books, DVDs, etc. Total circulations in s by U. More tellingly, over the same time span and among the same academic libraries, the annual number of circulations of books, DVDs, etc. Number of circulation transactions per full-time student in U. That fewer books are circulating is hardly a surprise given the vast amount of scholarly information the bulk of it purchased with academic library budget dollars that is now available to students via their electronic device of choice.

Electronic scholarly journals have driven their print-format predecessors to obsolescence , if not quite extinction, while e-books have become increasingly plentiful. In , U. This means that over the course of about a decade, U. E-books are not only plentiful, they are popular with academic users in spite of some shortcomings in usability. For example, data provided to the author show that when the University of California-San Diego made a collection of academic e-books available to students and faculty through the popular JSTOR interface, the usage numbers proved impressive.

As with circulation numbers, reference questions asked of librarians in U. For the 60 largest U. Average number of reference transactions per week for the 60 largest U. There's not much mystery behind the drop in reference transactions. When I first began working as an academic reference librarian in , hardly a day went by when I didn't put my hands on such reference works as the Places Rated Almanac , The Statistical Abstract of the United States and College Catalogs on Microfiche to answer reference questions.

Today, students access information digitally. The Google app on their smartphones allows students to look up information they once would have found only in analog, library-owned reference sources. And as for that old reference warhorse, the printed Encyclopedia Britannica churned out its final set in Further contributing to the decline of in-person reference service is the fact that students are increasingly able to consult with academic librarians via the Internet. By , 77 percent of U. Given only the above numbers, the hasty conclusion would seem to be that everything is online and nobody uses academic libraries any more.

Even while circulation and reference transaction numbers were tanking, the data show a steady increase in the number of people actually setting foot in academic libraries. The cumulative weekly gate count for the 60 largest U. Library gate count data for all U. Cumulative weekly gate count for the 60 largest U. So if students are not going to the academic library to access print collections or ask reference questions, why are they going at all?

I believe that students are trekking to academic libraries because academic libraries have been actively reinventing themselves to meet the needs of today's students. Academic library square footage is increasingly being converted from space to house printed books to space for students to study, collaborate, learn and, yes, socialize. Libraries are no longer cold, forbidding spaces. Among a number of specialized spaces, the library offers rooms devoted to media preparation, digital collaboration, and presentation practice. In addition, NCSU students can visit campus libraries to make use of digital media labs, media production studios, music practice rooms, visualization spaces and presentation rooms, among other specialized spaces.

Specialized spaces in the library include conference and project rooms, digital visualization and brainstorming rooms, and colloquia and classroom spaces. By thinking beyond the book as they re-imagine libraries, academic librarians are adding onto and broadening a long learning tradition rather than turning their backs on it. In the words of Sam Demas, college librarian emeritus of Carleton College :. Any library, public or academic, able to live up to so important a role will never outlive its usefulness. Donald A. Barclay is the deputy university librarian at the University of California-Merced.

This article was originally published on The Conversation. More Chicago photography from Helene Smith. Meet Helene! I just ditched the Dennis Hastert column I was writing. I've been monumentally distracted this morning and afternoon and it just wasn't my best work - or even rising to the level of mediocrity.

I need to get some things together, so I might not write the Papers again until Monday; I might even take a week off, though I'll still be posting other material to the site. We'll see. Fantasy Fix: Pitching Help Three arms to turn to. The fucking dolphins will live a little longer. The Beachwood Tip Line : The good-guy tuna company. The hour-long documentary captures the sights and sounds within the Forest Preserves as it marked its th anniversary throughout Audiences will learn about the benefits of nature, the impact of open land to our quality of life and what lies ahead in the next century for the one of the oldest and largest forest preserves in the nation.

Chicago's True Nature takes viewers beyond the picnic groves and introduces them to the nearby wonders of nature. This documentary highlights the conservation and research initiatives, educational programs, volunteer efforts and the wide variety of recreational activities that can be enjoyed right here in Cook County.

Every year, the National Football League draft makes a number of strapping young men very, very rich. Enjoy the moment, lads. But a word of advice from former NFL stars: Start thinking about your next career right away. That is exactly what Idonije did, buying a company that supplies communion cups to churches around the world , while he was still suiting up for the Bears. During his last few years in the league, when Idonjie was making the veteran's minimum salary, he was actually bringing in more cash via his side gig.

When he eventually retired in , "I took off my cleats and stepped into the business the next day, because I'd been doing it the whole time," he said.

Financial Conflicts Of Interest

Pro athletes, notorious for blowing through millions of dollars, should take note. Waste millions on fancy cars and lavish homes and your retirement future is bleak. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, 16 percent of drafted players filed for bankruptcy in the dozen years following retirement.

For the young men who will make the first round of the NFL draft, and for anyone who might hit it big for a short amount of time, here a few tips about how to prepare for the long game:. Pretty much anyone in the country will pick up the phone and agree to a meeting with you if you are a professional sports player. The people you want to call are CEOs with the ability to hire people with the snap of the finger, said Butowsky.

In the basketball world they are called "Front-Row People"; in football they are referred to as "Suite People. Once you are out of the league, that kind of universal access goes away - so strike while the iron is hot. If you're not working hard and staying up on topics, then you're going to lose. I'm reading more than I ever have in my life. Even when Idonije was still putting on his pads for the Bears, he devoted a portion of his week to learning his new business. Every NFL player gets one day off a week, and Idonije earmarked a couple of hours of that day to his side hustle.

But beware of putting your own money in the first thing that comes along. Investing in ill-advised, private businesses is the "No. After all, crooks take one look at young, naive millionaires who lack financial education and get dollar signs in their eyes. Better to put that NFL salary into an index fund and lock the key.

The Republican ward committeemen in Chicago gathered in a conference room of a Loop law firm to select a chairman for a four-year term. Cleveland is credited with revitalizing the Party over the last few years, having led a team that recruited candidates across the city, raised money, and supported Governor Rauner's effort to raise the Republican vote in Chicago in his successful campaign. Sure, you could have drafted Chris Sale and Jake Arrieta in the first and second rounds of your draft, but instead you thought it wiser to use those precious opportunities on much-hyped position players like, say, A.

Pollock and Kyle Schwarber. Well, if you landed both of the latter two, who are now thoroughly injured, you might have bigger problems than a lack of firepower in your starting rotation. But let's solve your pitching problems first. Here are a few possible pitcher pick-ups, each with some waiver wire availability last time I checked:.

I was afraid during the preseason that he would be nothing but homer-bait at The Cell, but with a record, 0. Yes, that Rich Hill. Former Cub curveball phenom turned journeyman bullpen arm is delivering on his promise eight or nine years later than expected. He's got three wins and a 2. His 1. Maybe not a long-term bet, but at least a short-term boost.

Porcello has quietly had a pretty good career, with at least 10 wins in each of his first six seasons until a swoon last year. His career ERA of 4. Don't know if he keeps up that strikeout pace, but if you let Sale and Arrieta pass you by, you have to take what you can get. Disco Dan O'Shea is our fantasy sports correspondent. He welcomes your comments. I have some top secret government work to attend to today so there won't be a proper column. The column has gotten short shrift in the last week or so due to various distractions and attempts at scheme-hatching, sorry!

As always, I direct you, dear reader, to BeachwoodReport for real-time commentary on various goings-ons. I know it's not the same - for better and worse - but it's the best I can do right now. I feel like I'm always apologizing for not giving you bastards more for free than I can manage. It's really just a recognition that I can't always live up to the standards I've set for this site and to which we were once much closer to meeting.

It pains me. And there is so much work to be done, so much bullshit and tomfoolery in both the media and political worlds that needs to be exposed. Above all, as I've written repeatedly, there is a huge quality issue in journalism. And it's about to get worse right here in Chicago whether Michael Ferro survives or Gannett succeeds. Either way, readers - citizens - will lose.

Now, you may be saying, Steve, if you call me that because no one calls me by my given name, they just sort of say, Hey, or, Rhodes, though some friends in Minneapolis use to call me Dusty and some in Chicago Tuffy, but you may be saying, Why do you reprint Navy press releases?

To which I say:. I love these. They remind us that the military isn't a faceless monolith - it is comprised of real human beings; human beings who have lived among us and, God bless, will live among us again. And it's fascinating to learn of their roles on their ships and so on, even if only in brief. It's not a political comment at all - it's not meant to support militarism or patriotism which is a concept I'm not too fond of, as it veers too close to exceptionalism for my tastes or anything like that.

It's just to recognize the real people from our area who are serving. There are still wars that I'm not too fond of going on involving American troops. Let's not forget that. I usually don't share posts here from my personal page, but these are getting a ton of response this morning. It's more important to be against bullshit than for a particular ideology.

Think of the ratings. Sell advertising, financial problems solved. BeachwoodReport The city must be more proactive in monetizing wide-spread hatred and disgust of its elected leaders. The Beachwood Tip Line : Before it's too late. Navy as part of a team supporting one of the country's most versatile combat ships. Petty Officer 3rd Class Christopher Edmondson is a logistics specialist and a member of the Logistics Support Team which supports both variants of littoral combat ships based in San Diego.

The LCS platform has a unique manning concept called "," where three crews serve aboard two different littoral combat ships, one of which is deployed. This innovative manning concept allows the LCS to spend more time forward deployed without overtaxing the crew, according to Navy officials. Designed to defeat threats such as mines, quiet diesel submarines and fast surface craft, littoral combat ships are a bold departure from traditional Navy shipbuilding programs.

The LCS sustainment strategy was developed to take into account the unique design and manning of LCS and its associated mission modules. According to Navy officials, the path to becoming an LCS sailor is a long one. Following an month training pipeline, sailors have to qualify on a simulator that is nearly identical to the ship. This intense and realistic training pipeline allows sailors to execute their roles and responsibilities immediately upon stepping onboard. This ensures that they are mission-ready to defend and protect America at all times.

As a service member supporting the LCS mission, Edmondson explained they are building a legacy that will last beyond their lifetimes. Sailors know how important it is for the Navy to develop new war-fighting capabilities to continue their success on the world's oceans. Through innovative planning, the design of systems, and crew requirements, the LCS platform allows the fleet to increase forward presence and optimize its personnel, improving the ability of the Navy to be where it matters, when it matters. And a second straight championship celebration and fourth in the last seven years.

Just because all the Canadian teams missed the postseason doesn't mean we can't add a little Canuckian seasoning every once in a while. All of this after the Hawks bowed out to St. Louis on Monday night to lose their conference quarterfinal series and end the season. And the blocked shots, the ridiculously obviously painful blocked shots offered up by Niklas Hjalmarsson time after time to stop dangerous situations before they started, those are gone too for another season. No more trying to figure out the best way for the new guys to fit in.

In particular, Andrew Ladd will be missed when he signs a big contract with a team that has plenty of room under the cap looking for a veteran power forward who knows how to win. The new guy you have to think the Hawks will try to hang onto first and foremost is Richard Panik, who showed in the last two playoff games that there may be a whole lot more to his game that previously suspected.

We're definitely done with Trevor Van Riemsdyk's I won't miss trying to remember how these guys spell their names for the next five months or so efforts to prove himself a worthy successor to Johnny Oduya as the fourth defenseman. And no more excellent work in short-handed situations from the likes of Andrew Desjardins and Marcus Kruger, who came back from what was believed to be a dislocated wrist this season; when Brian Urlacher suffered a similar injury, it was immediately determined he would miss the rest of that season. We will also miss the insane toughness of hockey players.

Goodbye to speculating about whether coach Q made the right call in terms of who he played and who he healthy scratched. And I am bummed there is no more chance to watch the coach on occasion lose his mind in response to a call that didn't go his team's way. Generally I can't stand it when coaches have tantrums but somehow when coach Q does it, I am far less offended. Then there is the goalie - Corey Crawford sometimes gets too much credit when the Hawks win and too much blame when they lose although hockey teams are just about psychotic about defending their goalie's performances in public no matter how shaky they might have been , but he deserved all sorts of credit for having his best regular season yet this time around.

And so long to Brent Seabrook's uncannily accurate point shots and all-around steady play. At times during the season it appeared that Seabrook was starting to slow down after all of the amazing work he has done for the Hawks on coming up on a decade now. But perhaps a longer-than-usual summer break will be rejuvenating. I'll tell you one thing: Jonathan Toews, Marian Hossa and Duncan Keith deserve the extra time off that comes with a first-round elimination as much as any NHL players have ever deserved that sort of break.

In seven post-seasons since , they have each played in 18 playoff series averaging between five and six games apiece. That is about more games than players who have missed the playoffs have played during that time. Hey guys, have a few drinks on me you'll have to send me an e-mail in order to collect payment - the link is at the end of the column on a cruise to somewhere luxurious. This would all be slightly sadder if we weren't aware of the fact that, as I mentioned before, most of these guys will be back in action for the glorious hockey nation of Blackhawkistan all of about five-and-a-half months from now.

When we say "Just wait 'til next year" with this team, all hockey fans know we're saying "Just wait until this team kicks everyone's ass next year. Jim Coffman is our man on Mondays, except when situations warrant Tuesdays. Comments welcome. When Gannett flagship USA Today first came on the scene, it infamously inverted the journalism paradigm by focusing relentlessly on the sunny side of things. Thus, the classic headline "Miracle: survive, 55 die.

The paper is not quite so smarmy these days, but it's still USA Today , and its satellite publications are still essentially McPapers - each one uses the same template for its website, for example. Seeing as how Gannett is now in the midst of a hostile bid for Tribune Publishing, I thought I'd reimagine some Chicago news as if Gannett had owned the Tribune when it happened:.

For a look at the boardroom maneuverings now taking place, I highly recommend this scathing Andrew Ross Sorkin column , which identifies the Tribune board of directors as a bunch of neophyte pushovers essentially committing financial malpractice. Locally, Joe Cahill of Crain's writes that " In the consolidation game, Tribune Publishing makes a better target than an acquirer. Standing in the way?

Michael Ferro's perverted dream of "saving journalism" - and hungry shareholders who must feel like Christmas just came early. The Fiction Of Farm-To-Table The Tampa Bay Times's examination of bogus restaurant menus is already one of my all-time favorite investigations, so today we're carrying a ProPublica interview with the reporter who pulled it off, food critic Laura Reiley. Hi, I'm Troy LaRaviere. The Beachwood Tip Line : Miracle survivor. If you dine out regularly, chances are you've seen "farm-to-table," "locally sourced" and "sustainable" options on the menu.

But are those claims true? Tampa Bay Times food critic Laura Reiley wanted to find out. And she discovered that often these labels are bogus. In one case, a meal advertised as veal schnitzel may have been frozen pork chops and sliced pork. In the aftermath of her investigation, several restaurants changed their menus and chalkboards to reflect true food sourcing. I spoke with Reiley about the investigation and how what's going on at Tampa Bay restaurants might be happening at places near you. Reiley : It's a term that I think is bordering on bankrupt. I know a bunch of restaurants here that are doing everything right, that are really working through local purveyors, that work closely with local farmers and get all their seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, etc.

Reiley: Sysco is a hermetically sealed box. They do not tell anything. If you try to investigate, call a local distributor, call a local branch of Sysco, they immediately refer you to corporate. It was very hard for U. They don't want to reveal. They know precisely what's happening - that many of their buyers, basically, the restaurants - are sourcing through Sysco and saying they're buying from local farms.

the bravuras with pooch & the howling cats

They have a lot of incentive to obfuscate. Reiley: Shortly after the story went out there, I was getting a hundred e-mails an hour. And half of them, each hour, were from people in Seattle, in Portland, in Southern California, in the Finger Lakes of New York, from all over the country. This wasn't people saying, "I'm so sorry things are lousy in Tampa Bay, and you have all those bad apples.

Just trying to imagine what the Tribune would look like under Gannett management. At loggerheads. Tribune refuses to sell to Gannett unless Gannett signs on to Turnaround Agenda. DeLayed Gratification "Attorneys for ex-speaker Dennis Hastert on Friday filed dozens of letters of support from former colleagues, constituents and friends, asking a federal judge to consider the former lawmaker's decades of service when he is sentenced next week on bank fraud charge," USA Today reports. He is a good man that loves the Lord. He gets his integrity and values from Him.

He doesn't deserve what he is going through. A little history is in order. From Politico last June:. When three of DeLay's political allies in Texas were indicted, Hastert helped engineer a rule change that would have permitted DeLay to remain Majority Leader should he too be indicted. Hastert also shuffled the leadership of the House Ethics Committee, which had been probing and exposing misconduct by DeLay. Mark Foley when it was revealed in September that he was sending suggestive online messages to young male pages.

In this case, Hastert's failure to act was particularly awkward and confusing: Boehner and Rep. Tom Reynolds R-N. Hastert lamely said he didn't recall being told about Foley's improprieties. Working in tandem with rich political allies in Illinois, Hastert bought some land at a cheap price while his allies bought nearby land at a much steeper price. The adjacent properties were then consolidated and a trust was set up in which Hastert had a bigger share. The payoff from the earmark for Hastert: the property's value soared.

The White Sox Report: Gifted We would be remiss if we didn't point out the generosity of the fellows providing the opposition. SportsMonday: Game Seven SportsMonday will appear on Tuesday so Jim Coffman can tell us what went wrong with the Blackhawks' season - or how they came back to defeat the Blues in this series.

Snapchatting The Environment The Rainforest vs. BeachBook This new embed code is still giving me fits. Bear with me until I find a solution. Working on a little something here - "I was working part-time at the five-and-dime, my boss was Mr. Rahm E. The Beachwood Tip Line : Leisurely. See also: Are You Sitting Comfortably? Explains The Economy. It's Shit Crap News, Tim. Is Going To Paris. Merry Fucking Christmas. New Year's Rant. Sexy Skype. Valentine's Day On The 'Environment" Beat. Political Theater As News. Charter Wankers International.

Answer The Fucking Question. PRISM collects hundreds of millions of internet communications of 'targeted individuals' from providers such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Skype. Upstream takes communications straight from the major U. Like the last time the Cubs were to start the season was , and some other year I think. I just can't care about these things. They seem so meaningless because the Cubs have been so bad for so long. It's almost laughable.

But with this in mind we here at The Cub Factor have put together our own type of list. Week in Review: The Cubs went for the week, taking two of three from the Cardinals and three of four from the Reds. In the process, they scored an assload of runs, which is even more than a buttload.

Like crazy amounts of runs. Like so crazy they need to be committed to a mental hospital. Oh, and Jake Arrieta pitched his first no-hitter of the season. Week in Preview: The wunderkinds head home this week for three each against the Brewers and Braves. So you should know it's not going to be a cakewalk all season against the lowly Reds - because the Brew Crew and Braves are even worse than Cincinnati. Time to get fat, boys. Big takeaway this week is that Kris Bryant had three starts in left. Jorge Soler had three as well, with Szczur getting the other one. Soler also got a start in right and managed to go 2-for with seven strikeouts and one walk.

And the Cubs still scored a dump truck full of runs. Something has got to change there or there will be changes. Former Annoying Cub Of The Week: One of the big stories the first week of the season was the hot hitting of Starlin Castro, who quickly endeared himself to Yankees fans. We knew better. Good ol' Starlin's one-week BA of. Sure he was hurt last season, but even when he wasn't hurt he bugged me. But he's raking right now and I like the lineup with him in there and Bryant in left.

So that makes Soler the annoying one. Mad don Scientist: Big Poppa Joe's charity t-shirt was banned from Busch Stadium, which will only be good for t-shirt sales. Oh, and Joe is planting seeds to make sure everyone knows why he's going to be playing Javy Baez more and more. Oh, and where's the bouncy house? We are due for something soon, right? Kubs Kalender: On Saturday the Cubs will be giving away Ron Santo replica statues , which would be a lot better if you could pull a string in his back and hear this. Marty Gangler is The Cub Factor. The White Sox have outperformed what anyone could have expected this spring with 13 wins in 19 games despite scoring more runs than only one of the other 29 major league teams.

We have Sox pitching primarily to thank. However, we would be remiss if we didn't point out the generosity of the fellows providing the opposition. No, they are not friends - comrades of the same union to be sure, but in most cases not bosom buddies - but their goofy mistakes and misjudgements have played a notable role as the White Sox have more victories than any other American League contingent.

Take Friday's already legendary triple play that the Sox pulled off in the first of a three-game sweep of the West Division leader Texas Rangers. Sailing along with a lead in the top of the seventh, Jose Quintana allowed the Rangers to load the bases on a double by Prince Fielder, a single by Adrian Beltre, and a walk to Ian Desmond.

Please note that this trio is not exactly inexperienced. Between them, they've been in the big leagues for 39 seasons. Yet when Mitch Moreland lined out to right fielder Adam Eaton - who, by the way, looks like a Gold Glove performer in his new position - Desmond conveniently for the White Sox ventured 20 or 30 feet toward second base. Eaton threw behind him to Jose Abreu who joined Desmond in a ballet fit for the Joffrey as Desmond deked, ducked, bobbed and weaved in an attempt to get back to first safely.

What was Fielder doing all this time? Best guess is observing the dance while his pal Beltre made his way toward third base. Fielder is a large human being. Didn't Beltre see him hesitate? Let's stop right here. In seasons past, executing an effective rundown was problematic for this team. Often one could confuse them with a Pony League bunch. However, Navarro knew exactly what to do since Fielder, not of fleet foot, was less than a third of the way toward home.

Dioner fired a perfect strike to shortstop Tyler Saladino, who, despite being just a second-year player, proved that he's no dummy. Chasing Beltre a few more steps toward third, Saladino quickly turned his attention to Fielder, who by this time was ready to call it quits. Another accurate toss back to Navarro, and Fielder was a goner as third baseman Todd Frazier wound up tagging him out.

Had the Rangers rehearsed the play prior to the game, they couldn't have accommodated the White Sox any better. They were such willing accomplices. And they didn't stop there. The very next afternoon in the bottom of the 11th of a deadlock, manager Jeff Banister badly manipulated his pitching staff so that recently recalled Nick Martinez opened the frame in his first appearance of the season.

His last action came 11 days earlier in a starting role at Round Rock, the Rangers' Triple-A affiliate. Martinez turned out to be the next White Sox best friend, loading the bases on 12 pitches - just two for strikes - as he hit Austin Jackson in the ribs sandwiched by walks to Navarro and Eaton. Talk about cooperation!

Lest we conclude that the Sox are the smartest guys in the room, Jimmy Rollins followed by taking a ball but then swinging at the next pitch before grounding a pitch out of the strike zone as Navarro was forced at home. However, the slump-plagued Abreu finished things minutes later with a ground ball single through a pulled in five-man infield. Rollins could have been the hero, walking with the bases loaded, but Abreu bailed him out. Your browser does not support iframes. The Rangers weren't the only friendly foes at The Cell last week. On Wednesday afternoon, the Sox played one of their typical games, nursing a lead over the visiting Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim that's a mouthful!

Robertson got the first out before superstar Mike Trout's grounder was deftly fielded by third baseman Todd Frazier going to his left. However, Frazier's throw eluded Jerry Sands, subbing for Abreu at first base. Trout attempted to change course and head for second, but he lost his footing for a moment, which was enough time for Sands, who is not a good first baseman, to retrieve the ball and throw to Saladino in time to nail Trout.

Apparently Trout, who didn't see the ball bounce off the wall behind first, thought he heard teammates in the dugout shout, "Go. Maybe it was "No. Despite the audio challenges, once Trout slipped, his chance to wind up at second was lost. Again, a talented, veteran player accommodated our athletes as Robertson then retired Albert Pujols to end the game.

Aside from the strokes of good fortune that the team is experiencing, manager Robin Ventura has been much more of a gambler this season. Because he realizes that his charges continue to struggle offensively, he's made greater use of the sacrifice bunt, hit-and-run, and stolen base. Or possibly his new personnel is far more adept at execution than in the recent past.

In Saturday's extra-inning win, the Sox took a lead in the bottom of the eighth on a Frazier home run and an RBI single by Navarro. Jackson tried to pad the lead with a squeeze bunt with Avisail Garcia on third. Maybe the bunt was a bit too hard as first baseman Mitch Moreland threw out Garcia at home, but Avi also got a poor jump.

When Rollins led off the ninth with a hit, he attempted to steal second, which he did safely before taking third as the throw bounced into center field. However, the umpires ruled that Abreu interfered with the catcher, negating Rollins' aggressiveness. The point is that the Sox do resemble last season's club in one important regard: They don't score any runs.

So adopting a running, bunting game can contribute to scratching for a much-needed run here and there. So far the strategy has paid off nicely for the South Siders. None of this early-season success would be possible without Sox pitching that continues to lead the league with a 2. Mat Latos continued his mastery Sunday, limiting the Angels to a solo home run by Nomar Mazara, the game's second batter.

That was it for the Rangers as the Sox triumphed Latos now is with a 0. This is not fantasy, folks. It's actually happening. Not only does he cover ground both to his right and left, but he has an amazingly accurate arm. Almost all his throws to first are waist- to letter-high. The guy plays with an edge. That mouthpiece he wears - I assume it's intended to relax him by minimizing the grinding of his teeth - gives him a pitbull appearance, and he backs it up with energy and enthusiasm too seldom seen with Ventura's teams.

His behind-the-back flip to Rollins for a force at second base in Saturday's third inning made all the highlight videos. Pretty much relegated to the DH role, the kid continues to swing at bad pitches, and his slow, sad walk back to the dugout reflects a young player who is struggling. Avi has struck out in about one-third of his at-bats, accounting for a.

Shuck was sent to Charlotte to make room for pitcher Erik Johnson. Shuck bats left-handed, is a good outfielder, can bunt, makes contact, and he's a. So why not have the two trade places, giving Garcia a chance to play the outfield every day and gain back some confidence? The boards are basically a series of modules, about half of which are advertisements. Okay, the Sox need revenue to sign more free agents like Latos and Jackson.

But consider that last Tuesday against the Angels, Melky Cabrera ran along the left-field foul line for a fly ball off the bat of Cliff Pennington. The ball hit Melky's glove and came out, yet Pennington walked back to the dugout. Angels manager Mike Scioscia came out and challenged the play although no replay was shown to the fans at The Cell.

You could excuse the 12, in attendance who were freezing their asses off in the degree weather for thinking that the folks at home were watching replay after replay of what turned out to be fan interference. After five minutes, the shivering fans finally got a look at the contested play.

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In fact, the boards show very few replays. At the risk of heresy, once the Cubs installed their new video boards, fans at Wrigley were treated to replays of every occurrence on the field, much like the fans viewing at home. The video boards also inform the folks at the park that a hitter has gone or in his previous at-bats. No mention whether he grounded out, struck out, or hit a triple. Other parks I've visited do offer these details.

And the hitter's season average is hidden on the facades in the corners of the upper deck in left and right field. Previously those stats were on a strip in dead center field. Maybe the Sox don't want their hitters to confront the fact that they're below the Mendoza line. But hey, Cabrera's hitting. Why hide that? Sox management has all week to find a better formula for its new video offerings while the club travels to Toronto for three games before four more in Baltimore.

Chances are these two East Division foes will be far less generous than the team's last two opponents. However, if the pitchers keep up their current pace and the hitters snap out of their slump, they just might not need the gifts they've enjoyed so far. This is a prior restraint on free speech, and it's unconstitutional.

Jim and Greg also talk to music supervisor Randall Poster about bringing tunes to the big and small screens. The Weekend Desk Pizza Report A pie chart of 40 types of pizza including "The only one we can all agree is truly terrible and not even really pizza. Chicago deep dish. They're marinated in hot apple juice and molasses to help make them juicy, plump and sweet before being placed on the hot grill. The menu will include everything from burgers and panini to salads, fajitas, and lasagna. And in keeping with the Windy City theme, 55 Chicago will also serve a deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dog, and hot Italian beef.

The ruling allows the FBI to continue to issue the letters with accompanying gag orders that silence anyone from disclosing they have received an NSL, often for years. However, she also ruled that the FBI had failed to provide a sufficient justification for one of our client's challenges to the NSLs.

After reviewing the government's justification, the court found no "reasonable likelihood that disclosure. However, the client still cannot identify itself because the court stayed this portion of the decision pending appeal. With an NSL, the FBI - on its own, without any judge's approval - can issue a secret letter to communications service providers, requiring the service to turn over subscriber and other basic non-content information about their customers.

Game-winners and no-hitters. Shaw, a Chicago Blackhawks forward, was suspended for Game 5 of his team's playoff series against St. Louis on Thursday night for shouting an anti-gay slur after being sent to the penalty box during Tuesday's game. It's time that everyone is treated equally. Schilling did not choose the road to contrition after he shared a post on Facebook that was an apparent response to the North Carolina law that bars transgender people from using bathrooms and locker rooms that do not correspond with their birth genders.

On his blog, he snarled at "all of you out there who are just dying to be offended so you can create some sort of faux cause to rally behind. The Blackhawks are in the playoffs when Marian Hossa scores a goal. I legit think Niklas Hjalmarsson is the toughest athlete in Chicago. And yes, I cover football. StateFarm So far Is this real life JArrieta34? Cubs pic. JArrieta34 fires second career no-hitter; Cubs offense also decent.

Hey Reds , Arrieta no-hitter support group meets on Mondays. Bin Dive Prince: Chaos and Disorder. As illustrated by all the marketing schemes he's hatched since, the man is incapable of leaving strategy out of his game altogether, even when he's working on a contractual obligation. In other words, it's not that the major label system stifled Prince too much. In the case of this weird, engaging little album, I'd say it stifled him just enough, and in all the right ways.

The [Monday] Papers February 4, The NFL is all about charging fans big money to watch oversized men in armor smash in each other's brains, but show a little skin and the league caretakers turn into moral crusaders. They also skewed away from younger, more risque performers and started booking older mainstream acts in recent years: the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Prince. I have to say, I hardly think Prince was a safe choice. After all. Robert Novak's Little Black Corvette.

The mixing board is Prince's old one. He recorded Purple Rain on it. Purple Rain Revisited. Retrospective Prince in Chicago. Item: Star Bores. I would have no interest in spending a Saturday night - or any night - with any of those people, except Prince. See also: Video from Prince's after-wedding show at City Winery. Segment: Prince's Vault. All Night Dance Party. The Beachwood Tip Line : Dig if you will a picture. Fantasy Fix: Marathon Men Don't panic - yet - about these slow starts. Air Force data show, underlining how reliant the military has become on unmanned aircraft. The trend may give clues to the U.

President Barack Obama said in that the Afghan drawdown after and progress against al-Qaeda would "reduce the need for unmanned strikes," amid concerns from human rights groups and some foreign governments over civilian casualties. On one level, that has played out; the number of missiles and bombs dropped by drones in Afghanistan actually fell last year, largely because the U. Yet as the force has shrunk, it has leant on unmanned aircraft more than ever, the Air Force data reveal, with drone strikes accounting for at least 61 percent of weapons deployed in the first quarter of this year.

The longer term shift towards drones has gone largely unnoticed amid the large conventional air campaign. Data reviewed by Reuters show strikes by unmanned aircraft accounted for 56 percent of weapons deployed by the Air Force in Afghanistan in , up dramatically from 5 percent in The role of drones is likely to form a key part of a review underway by U. The current plan is to roughly halve the U. The training and advising mission would be largely wound down. In , drones released around bombs and missiles in Afghanistan, half the number in when weapons dropped by unmanned aircraft peaked.

The total is, however, almost double the number of bombs and missiles released by drones at the height of the "surge," when the NATO mission expanded to well over , troops after , mainly Americans. Like much of the U. S military machine in Afghanistan, the drone operation had been winding down in line with plans for further withdrawals, Navicky said.

At the end of , however, military commanders "hit the brakes and reversed course" on the drone reduction, and have since ordered more air strikes, especially against Islamic State militants who pose a threat in the east, he said. The Taliban have also forged closer links with al-Qaeda, Nicholson said, potentially blurring the lines between what is a legitimate target and what is not, while the Taliban themselves have made gains in the north and south.

Around weapons were deployed by the Air Force in the first quarter of the year, with drones accounting for 61 percent. The data cover strikes conducted by the Air Force, which handles the majority of Afghan air operations. The CIA, U. Army, and special operations units also have smaller fleets of drones and other aircraft, so the Air Force data may reflect a redistribution among different organizations, although they tend to coordinate closely on missions. Because the Islamist militant Taliban movement, the main threat to security in Afghanistan, is not designated a terrorist outfit by the U.

But Taliban insurgents are gaining territory, and, in extreme circumstances, U. Expanding the authority of U. Afghanistan's own air force, meanwhile, is being built from scratch and will need support for years to come, officials say. Drone missions are secretive and have been widely criticized in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where locals and officials have blamed them for unnecessary loss of civilian life. In the latest instance, residents in Paktika province complained that a series of air strikes in April, which locals said were from drones, killed nearly 20 civilians.

The U. Activists and investigators have focused on covert air operations in places like Pakistan and Yemen, leaving Afghanistan as "really a blind spot for drone analysis," said Sarah Kreps , a professor at Cornell University who studies unmanned aircraft. Despite resources being sent to battle the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, the mission in Afghanistan is still significant, accounting for nearly 20 percent of the 60 armed drone missions the Air Force can have in the air in the world at any one time, officials said.

In a time of troop limits imposed by leaders in Washington, the drone squadron is especially useful as only about of nearly 1, personnel who support and operate the aircraft are deployed to Afghanistan, Navicky said. All that is always going to be valuable. Air Force drone from a command trailer at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. Air Force ground crew secure weapons and other components of an MQ-9 Reaper drone after it returned from a mission, at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan March 9, Three pound bombs wait to be loaded on U.

Navy as part of a crew working aboard one of the world's most advanced nuclear-powered fast attack submarines, USS Santa Fe. Petty Officer 3rd Class Joe Lewicki is a machinist's mate serving aboard the Pearl Harbor-based submarine, one of 40 Los Angeles-class submarines making it the backbone of the submarine force. The Navy machinist's mate is responsible for operating and maintaining the submarine's non-nuclear hydraulics, air, refrigeration, atmosphere control, plumbing and diesel mechanical systems.

With a crew of , this submarine is feet long and weighs approximately 6, tons. A nuclear-powered propulsion system helps push the submarine through the water at more than 25 mph. Attack submarines are designed to hunt down and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships; strike targets ashore with cruise missiles; carry and deliver Navy SEALs; carry out intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions; and engage in mine warfare. Their primary tactical advantage is stealth, operating undetected under the sea for long periods of time.

Pacific Fleet.