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If Geralt intervenes, he challenges O'Dimm by wagering his own soul to save von Everec. Von Everec, now mortal again, regains his emotions and immediately feels regret for his past actions and mistakes. He gives Geralt his family sword, and promises to start a new life free from O'Dimm's control. Hearts of Stone received positive reviews from critics, with all three platforms garnering "generally favorable reviews", according to the review aggregator website Metacritic.

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Heart of Stone Gargoyles Series Audiobook [Romance Audiobook]

REDengine 3. He is such a beautifully, broken, alpha badass just trying to find his way home. View all 4 comments. Jul 17, Sam Via rated it it was ok. Sorry if I offend anybody, but to each on their own right? This story is fucking ridiculous. The guy fucks random bitches and goes back to the heroine and tells her she's his main slice and the others are just side hoes. He won't even let her try the side dish. The heroine as a shitty life and the hero makes it plenty shittier and it's not ok in my book cause they're supposed to pamper you. Then when she starts to date "once".

He sprouts this nonsense. She saw an underwear on your back pocket and you act like she's acting like a crazy mama and then when she comes home late you start pulling that cave man shit out. This is not working for me. Not at all. Jan 11, Tcat rated it did not like it. Don't do cheating H's! Especially cheaters with multiple women until the very very very end of the book. H's like this make me think of the saying "Once a cheater always a Cheater! Definitely not an HEA in my opinion.

All the sudden he is reformed Mar 22, Megan Fall rated it it was amazing Shelves: tatooed-bad-boys. I really like this series. Hunter was perfect, and I'm glad he decided to take a chance on love. One brother left!! Jul 17, Loraine Oliver rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed-books. This second book for the most part tells the story of Hunter, the oldest Stone brother and Amy,the girl next door.

Hunter, Slade, and Colt, are all part of this story along with Jade, Colt's girlfriend we met in the first book, and of course Amy. The brothers and Amy have been neighbors since they were childre Reviewed by Loraine Oliver This is book 2 of The Stone Brothers; 3 totally alpha bad boys! The brothers and Amy have been neighbors since they were children and they had such horrible fathers they learned to stick together even after their fathers died. Amy lives next door with her Mother who has pretty much lost her mind, and is always looking for aliens or other things.

You will see when you read the book! Everyone keeps telling Amy she needs to do what the doctor says and have her mom put in a hospital but she refuses, she says, "she is all I have left". Just like the first book, this moves along at a fast pace, and the book is filled with emotional angst, good sex scenes, heartache, sadness, and a lot of fighting between Hunter and Amy, as she wants things from Hunter he is not willing to give.

Amy loves Hunter, and even though he does love her too and he claims she is his everything, he will not commit; he is afraid to commit, he feels he has nothing to give Amy, then he gets irate when he sees anyone talking to Amy, so her chances of finding love is truly limited.

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He, on the other hand sleeps around and then expects Amy not to care about all that and be there when he needs her. He is about to get a rude awakening! When Amy puts her foot down and days at a time go by and he does not see or speak to Amy, he gets to see what life will be like for him without his Amy. After something horrible happens that causes Amy so much sorrow and scares the heck out of Hunter, will it be enough to change his mind about everything? Can he take a leap of faith? Even though two authors are writing this book, it blends together seamlessly and you can't tell which parts they each wrote.

I love all of the twists in the plot so it keeps you guessing, I love all the scenes and dialog between the brothers, and between Hunter and Amy.

Heart of Stone (The Stone Series #1) by Dakota Willink

I look forward to book 3, to see what happens with the last Stone brother, Slade! Oct 26, Nubia Souza rated it did not like it. So here is the thing: I really hate stories with the girl chasing the boy like a starved dog begging for food. If you like heroines that throw themselves at a guy - who happens to be a man-whore, btw - without any sense of dignity or self-respect, than this is the book for you!

Since it's not my thing, this book was a total waste of time. I fought against dropping it and simply not finish, since I kept asking myself "How can this girl get any dumber? Then I read the next chapter and had my ans So here is the thing: I really hate stories with the girl chasing the boy like a starved dog begging for food. Then I read the next chapter and had my answer, "Oh, that's how! And I didn't even want to start on the typos and grammatical mistakes! English isn't my first language and even I wouldn't make those mistakes.

My eyes were rolling so hard I thought I would end up with a crossed eye! I bet the book couldn't get any worse and lost it. Silver lining? If you let the "love of your life" call you "little fuck", cheat on you, control you and you're still ok with that, wake up, sister because you are living in an abusive relationship! Love yourself first, respect yourself, grow some self-esteem and then kick to the curb for good whoever treats you like this Hunter treated Amy. Nov 18, Jask Afsh rated it did not like it Shelves: audiobook , cheating , heroine-doormat , hero-jerk , hated-this-novel , needed-more-grovelling , joe-arden.

I was so excited to read this but lets say I was Truly disappointed. I get he doesn't want to make any commitment hell he's afraid of relationships and love but that gave him no right to sleep with other women while he was also sleeping with her and not let any man come near her. He always said she's everything and other women are fillers. But dude why do you need fillers when you have everything? I think it was not too much to expect that H doesn't make any commitment but atlea I was so excited to read this but lets say I was Truly disappointed. I think it was not too much to expect that H doesn't make any commitment but atleast don't sleep with others.

Show her some respect.

Men, Guard Your Heart from Stone

The fire was no eye opener. He always knew he couldn't let her go and she was everything to him. And don't even get me started on Amy. Let's sum it up and say she was a spineless doormat with absolute no self respect and deserved what she got. How did this book get such high ratings? This book is shot. May 16, Amy rated it it was ok Shelves: adults , stone-brothers , tess-oliver. This books is about Hunter Stone, the stubbornly, sexy older Stone brother and Amy "Street",the girl next door.

I really wish that Hunter treated Amy better or had been more faithful to her. Additionally I wish Amy would have stood up more for herself. I'm not down with one side pining and pining, and the other side carousing through empty hook-ups while keeping said flame on the side. Yet, the ending was very, very sweet. Review to come. Aug 26, Mari rated it did not like it Shelves: alpha-male-possessive-hero , corny , made-me-want-to-smack-the-author , juvenile , boring-zzzzzzzz , cents-or-less , tall-hero , predictable , hated-the-heroine , made-my-heart-hurt.

Wtf were these authors smoking when they wrote this book? I'm just so disappointed. The heroin is pathetic and the hero is a sack of shit. The only thing I liked about this book was the cover. Jul 21, Paula rated it did not like it. I'm not sure I was reading the same book as everyone who gave this 5 stars. It was boring, predictable and I had a deja vu feeling throughout the entire story. Aug 10, Rgreader rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish-so-gettingstar , kindle-unlimited , rec-d-on-amazon-forums.


DNF'd early. Didn't like the heroine smoked pot and did nothing to get out of her situation. I enjoyed this one. I hope Slade is not as bad as Hunter. Jul 29, Nicole rated it liked it. While I did enjoyed the book overall, I have to say it was not my favorite. My main complaint is I really wish that Hunter treated Amy better or had been more faithful to her. Those parts were a bit hard for me to get through. I am looking forward to Slade's book now.

Mar 19, Nerissa rated it liked it. Not as good as the first. A bit boring in parts. Again needed more depth. Jun 08, Sophie Amelia rated it liked it Shelves: completed-series , read-in , romance. Maybe more of a 2. Sep 28, Traci rated it really liked it. The book was well written and Hunter is definitely a guy to fall for BUT his playboy ways were dragged out a bit to much for me If it weren't for that, this would have been a 5 star for me I really liked Amy Jul 14, Angie rated it it was amazing Shelves: alpha-male , brothers , young-adult-new-adult-characters , drugs , waitress , neighbors , series , standalone , childhood-friends , comp-copy.

I was in the middle of reading another book when I realized an ARC for this book miraculously appeared on my Kindle this afternoon. This is the 2nd book and oldest brother of the Stone family - Hunter. I am so glad the story is told from Amy and Hunter's points of view as I would have never understood what was going through Hunter's mind. I may not have liked his lack of commitment to "his girl," but the authors did I was in the middle of reading another book when I realized an ARC for this book miraculously appeared on my Kindle this afternoon.

I may not have liked his lack of commitment to "his girl," but the authors did a great job at helping me understand his frame of mind and hate him for it a little less. As anxious as I was to jump right into the book, I was a little unsure about Amy. In the first book she was I found her to be a little over the top, but was intrigued by her unrequited love for a very stubborn Hunter. Amy seemed like a different person. She's still full of life and loves her friends with all of her heart, but she is muted a bit. Sadly, I think some of it was due to how weary she had grown over the years for Hunter not committing to her the same way.

The authors did a great job pulling me into the emotions of each character. My heart hurt and stomach dropped at different times for both of them. The development of the characters and pacing of the storyline flowed perfectly. The brothers' "career" seems to be winding down in this book at least I think , and a new legal venture is on the horizon. Similar to the first book, I'm still a little baffled by the casual drug use - specifically the casual cocaine use by one of the main characters. The authors continue to do a great job illustrating the difficult life these characters have and continue to live.

The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone review

I don't understand why this element beyond marijuana at least is necessary or the motivation for it. In a related way at least to their small ocean business venture , Ace does make a return and I was surprised how pleased he made an appearance and hope to see him Slater's book as well.

He seems to have worked through his trust issues with the brother's so no guns were ever held to Colt's beautiful and precious head. I read this book in one sitting and enjoyed it a lot. This is a great addition to the series and I'm looking forward to the 3rd brother's story. Many thanks to Tess Oliver and Anna Hart for generously gifting a complimentary copy of their story for an honest review! Jul 14, Jordan rated it it was amazing.

There's her mother, the Stone brothers and Hunter Stone, the stubbornly, sexy older Stone brother. He's always been right next door for Amy.

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Growing up with a abusive father and a mother who is slowly losing her mind, Hunter was the one constant for her. Her rock. And over the years her love for him grew and grew. But Hunter isn't a one women kind of man. He jumps from bed to bed. And Amy can't handle being just a hook up to Hunter. She needs more or she needs to move on and try to find love somewhere else. Hunter Stone life has been anything but easy. After dealing with a horrible childhood.

While working shady jobs to make sure they have a stable life. Partying, Booze, and random women is what he knows best.

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Love and commitment are not things he ever sees happening for himself. One thing that he knows for sure is that he cant give up his girl Amy, when he's with her he feels whole. But shes starting to want more than he can give. There is something about this couple that pulled me in and wouldn't let go. I read Heart In Stone in about five hours. Hunter is this rugged, swoon-worthy, bad boy who has a big heart buried under all that sexy, scared, muscles and standoff attitude. Amy is a sweet and sassy women, who just wants a simple life full of love and happiness with the one man who has owned her heart most of her life.

These brothers are probably my favorite fictional brothers out there. They are sexy, funny, wounded, loving, tough men. They fight for the ones they love.

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  • They hide their vulnerabilities behind fists and hookups, but in the end you know all they want is that one women who will see through any BS they throw their way. What is it about these Stone Brothers!?! They make my heart beat faster!!

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