Pass Over the Horseradish

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How Horseradish Became a Passover Staple | The Nosher

The Seder is designed to involve all five senses in the retelling of the Exodus story to the next generation. Horseradish — normally used as a garnish — completely overpowers the senses when you eat it on a small piece of matzah. According to Jewish tradition, one must eat enough bitter herbs maror in Hebrew to bring tears to the eyes. The tears and the bitter herbs remind each Seder participant how the great affliction the Jewish people endured brought tears to their eyes.

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If we fail to remember the bitterness of our slavery in Egypt, we might be tempted to return to the source of our enslavement. Shortly after the Israelites left Egypt, they began to romanticize their affliction and complain to Moses about their perceived lack of food Ex. And consider this: As long as you have some freshly grated horseradish on hand, you should know that this grievously underused vegetable is a spectacular addition to lots of different dishes, from a creamy sauce for beef roasts and brisket to perky mayo for potato salad.

Chrain (Horseradish)

You can blend grated horseradish with butter or olive oil for use over steamed vegetables or mixed into mashed potatoes. Or stir some into sour cream for a baked potato. Add some as a topper for roasted salmon. You can even use a small amount to jazz up classic cranberry sauce.

To make freshly grated horseradish, buy a whole root which you can find in your supermarket produce section. Store the root unwashed in the refrigerator do not freeze!

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Do not cut into the flesh until you are ready to grate. Wash and peel the root using a vegetable peeler; cut the flesh into chunks and use a food processor S-blade to grind the chunks. Be sure to turn your head away when you lift the cover to avoid the pungent fumes.

Store the gratings covered in white vinegar to keep the color. It lasts for weeks in the fridge. Passover Food.

Horseradish (Maror) Eating Contest - Passover/Pesach Seder

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