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Very Early Bill Evans. Virgo Wayne Shorter. The story is told from both Jack and Laurie's perspectives, starting from the snowy December day they find themselves on opposite sides of a misty bus window, inexplicably drawn to each other. The moment is brief but the bond it forms within them is strong and leaves them both marked. Can they find each other again or was this doomed to be a missed, fleeting moment in both their lives? This is not a typical love story. It unfolds over the course of ten, angst filled years! In the decade following the moment they first laid eyes on each other we follow Laurie and Jack's ups and downs, their heartaches and relationships, misunderstandings and of course their friendship and undeniable connection.

They may have the world's worst timing and a seemingly impossible road to love and happiness together but you can't help but root for them while wondering - will they ever actually get to be together? Do you believe in destiny? That we all have that one perfect match - the person we are meant to be with! One Day in December was charming, complex and romantic. Laurie and Jack are perfectly flawed and the kind of well written characters that feel like friends you want to shake and yell at for not being honest about their feelings.

Every romantic at heart needs this book in their life! View all 56 comments. Oct 10, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. Laurie sees a man outside of her bus window one day. There are no words, no actions, only intense eye contact but that is enough to make her fall head over heels in love with a stranger. She years for him, she can't stop thinking about him, she dreams of the time they will meet again.

Then one day her best friend and roommate, Sarah, introduces her new boyfriend, Jack, to Laurie. Sarah is anxious for Jack and Laurie to meet. She hopes they will hit it off - if only she knew that her boyfriend is Laurie sees a man outside of her bus window one day. She hopes they will hit it off - if only she knew that her boyfriend is the man from the bus. The man that Laurie has been dreaming about Bring on the angst, the heartbreak, the not wanting to hurt anyone, the wanting to be happy and the quest for the happily ever after.

This book follows Laurie, Sarah and Jack through ten years of their friendship. Through their love for each other, their friendship s , their lovers, their unrequited feelings. It's a slice out of three people's lives. The story is told through Laurie and Jacks perspectives. The reader is privy to their secret thoughts and feelings.

This book has heart. I like that these people cared deeply for each other and as a reader, I cared about them. I found this book to be addictive. I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen to these characters. This is a great book to curl up with a blanket with. My only complaint with this book is that I wanted an epilogue. When the book ended, I thought "Come On! I wanted just a little bit more time with these characters. I found this book to be engaging, fun and a very enjoyable read.

It has a little bit of everything: friendship, loss, grief, new beginnings, forgiveness, heartache, and love. Thank you to Crown Publishing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own. Read more of my reviews at www. View all 40 comments. Dec 18, Chelsea chelseadolling reads rated it liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed this one but it definitely made me feel a little icky and I don't know what to do with that information lmao.

I was rooting for the protagonists but I felt like I shouldn't have been. Also the love interest was kind of a shit for most of this? View all 28 comments. Balaki85 I cannot even go past the first chapters. Love at first sight? Trying to find someone -you exchanged glances with once- for months? Am I too jaded by I cannot even go past the first chapters. Am I too jaded by cynicism? Dec 07, Susanne Strong rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , direct-from-publisher , five-star-books , womens-fiction , buddy-read. What happens when see him?

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  2. One Day in December by Josie Silver;
  3. One Day in December.
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  5. For Laurie, there is a moment. Just one. Perhaps it is Kismet or maybe it's Destiny. She sees him at the bus stop. Laurie is inside, he is waiting outside, he looks up at the exact moment she does, their eyes meet and hold and she knows. He is the one. For a year, she looks for him everywhere, but never finds him. Her crush goes unrequited. Her bes 5 Heartfelt, Love-Sick Stars! Her best friend and roommate Sarah, jokes about him constantly. Yet Laurie knows, her feelings for him are true.

    Laurie and Sarah met while at Uni. They are two peas in a pod, besties till the end of the world. Laurie meets his eyes and she is gutted. Jack is the guy, her crush, yet she says nothing. Jack recognizes Laurie instantly. He too, has thought about her. How could he not? And yet,.. As the years passed by, I felt that tightness in my chest that made my throat close up and my heart pound. Ultimately, this is a story that will make you feel… whether you are unabashedly romantic or not, your heart will soften and you will not be able to stop yourself from wondering, from having hope that it is out there and from showing everyone you love how much you care.

    This heartwarming read will be on my best of list for and I sincerely hope it will be on yours too! This was another weekend buddy read with Kaceey! Thank you to Emily at Goodreads, Eliana at Crown Publishing and to Josie Silver for a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. Published on Goodreads, Twitter, Amazon on Excerpt posted on Instagram.

    View all 69 comments. One Day in December is a sweet story about friendship, romance, and true love. The plot centers around a romance that could have been but was not.

    Instead, wrong matches are made, friendships are put to the test, and the notion of true love is tested. This is the story of Laurie, Sarah, and Jack. Will true love prevail or will one be left heartbrok Heartwarming! Will true love prevail or will one be left heartbroken?

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    What I liked about One Day in December is that all of the characters are likable. I appreciated that the characters had depth and evolve over the course of the story. Prior to reading this, I was in a bit of a reading slump. Nothing fit or felt quite right until I read One Day in December.

    This turned out to be the perfect holiday read as it took away my reading frustrations and brought me into the holiday cheer! View all 55 comments. Nov 19, Christina - Traveling Sister rated it really liked it Shelves: traveling-sisters. It all begins one day in December I know, shocker, you had no idea. As their eyes meet, she feels an instant connection. From now on, if anyone asks me if I've ever fallen in love at first sight, I shall say yes, for one glorious minute on 21 December Even though it was just one fleeting moment between Laurie and Jack AKA "Bus Boy" she spends the next year looking for him everywhere she goes.

    She sees him in bars, at bus stops, in shops because she can't even begin to fathom that it wasn't destiny passing her by. Of course, fate had far bigger things planned for Laurie and Jack and they do reconnect. Only this time, it's on the arm of her best friend Sarah. As we receive Jack's point of view, it turns out he actually did recognize Laurie - and he remembers the many times he thought about her after their chance encounter at the bus stop as well. However, nothing in life is ever easy and he genuinely does care for Sarah, so he attempts a friendship with Laurie, despite it's difficulty.

    You tread lightly through life, but you leave deep footprints that are hard for other people to fill. There was an immediate cinematic quality to this and I will be truly shocked if it doesn't get made into a movie in the near future. This story follows 10 years between Laurie, Jack and Sarah and their ever changing relationships with one another, along with people they meet along the way.

    While it's a fairly traditional romance there was something effortlessly engaging here that keeps the reader attached to not just the story, but the characters as well. Who was St Valentine anyway and what made him such an expert on romance? What's great is that Silver doesn't just rely on angst here, while it's there in spades there's also a levity and humor that carries throughout the story. This isn't just about the dreaded love triangle, betrayal or friendships and relationships lost and found. No, it's about life, about it's triumphs and failures, about success and loss, about growth and learning who we are.

    While this ultimately fell just a bit short for me because it was quite predictable, I absolutely loved the story Silver wove and it's a quick, incredibly fun read that I had a really fun time with. I'd suggest this for fans of romance or anyone looking for a quick, fun and cozy winter read! Thank you to the ever amazing Traveling Sisters for facilitating this group read and providing us with physical ARCs!!!

    View all 13 comments. Sep 22, Paromjit rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , contemporary-fiction , netgalley , humour-comic-fiction. Josie Silver writes a romantic comedy that is absolutely going to be a big hit, with characters that tug at your heartstrings and packed with laugh out loud humour. It is perfect escapist fare that begins and ends in the festive season. It's December, Laurie doesn't believe in soul mates, but with her hair covered in tinsel, she is at a bus stop in London on a crowded bus heading to her parents home in Birmingham for Christmas.

    Through the misted window, she sees him outside and deep inside her Josie Silver writes a romantic comedy that is absolutely going to be a big hit, with characters that tug at your heartstrings and packed with laugh out loud humour.

    See a Problem?

    Through the misted window, she sees him outside and deep inside her she just knows he is the one. When he glances up and spots her, his reaction is mirroring her. However, Laurie doesn't get off the bus and he doesn't get on, and that chance for the two of them is missed. However, Laurie can't forget him, and spends the following year desperately hoping to come across him. Laurie's best friend Sarah is as close as a sister to her, they laugh, have fun and support each other unconditionally. Sarah is head over heels in love with her new boyfriend, certain he is the man she will marry, and she is desperate for Laurie's approval.

    Laurie buries her feelings, her friendship with Sarah is too precious as she tries hard to rein in her feelings and not show her heartbreak. Through the following decade we follow Laurie, her new year resolutions, the kicks and bruises that life hands out that leave her broken, being a pink lady, her never tell a goldfish moments and meeting Oscar in Thailand. Will she and Jack ever get together? If you are feeling under the weather, or if life is too much or is getting you down, this is a great book for giving you a lift.

    Josie Silver has written a gripping contemporary romantic fairytale with verve, wit and panache. A beautifully told story of love, of tears, of loss, of friendship, and regrets, with characters you cannot help but care for. Highly recommended! View all 26 comments. View all 8 comments. Dec 16, KAS rated it it was amazing. I need to get off this bus. Well folks, it just gets juicier and more captivating with each passing chapter ; Of course, I went in blind!

    Of course, it was the best way to go! Of course, I recommend you doing the same! Of course, I am convinced you will love it as much as I did!! I would describe this story as sophisticated chick-lit. It is full of sass, sensuality and surprises. I so loved this was told in dual narrative. I truly enjoyed getting into the heads of the characters. And these characters, the whole lot of them are a jovial, witty bunch.

    A bunch I desired to find true happiness. Thank you dearest friend, Jennifer, for gifting me this incredible book!! Honestly it can be read anytime of the year. View all 87 comments. Dec 07, Kaceey rated it it was amazing Shelves: top-reads-for , arc-from-publisher , buddy-read , favorites. Do you believe in love at first sight? A chance encounter at a bus stop. Laurie, day-dreaming, gazes out the bus window and suddenly locks eyes with the boy sitting on a bench.

    One quick glance is all it takes. Young love is off and running! Is it magic? Is it kismet?

    But the bus has a schedule to keep, and before either one can do anything, it pulls away. Laurie, unable to let go of that single moment, spends the next year searching for her bus-boy. Trying to answer familiar, age-old questions along their way: Do you get over your one true love? What do they say about the one that got away? Josie Silver writes a wonderfully enchanting love story that will tug hard on your heartstrings, making even the most hardened soul believe in love once again.

    A most heartwarming story that left tears rolling down my cheeks and the biggest smile on my face.

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    I cannot recommend this book enough! One of my new favorites for Just in time! View all 75 comments. View all 23 comments. Every page, every sentence, every word, every letter!!! In case you cannot tell I have fallen head over heels in love with this book! Do you understand the riches bestowed upon you if you choose to allow the abundant love of Jesus to flood your soul?

    Do you believe that this relationship is worth abandoning all else so as to attain it? Is your one desire in life the burning love of Jesus? If it is, this love will utterly transform you and the love from that relationship will flow forth from you, affecting every action you do and every other relationship you have.

    Choose our Lord as your most intimate lover and make Him the true center of your life. Lord, I am aware of the fact that I can never fully grasp the depths of Your perfect love for me. Nonetheless, I choose Your love this day and I desire to make You the center of my life. Come fill my heart with such a burning love that I come to realize that You are all I need in life.